Passionate doesn’t even begin to describe Charvelle. A lover of all things creative, there’s few talents she hasn’t tapped in to. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, this transplanted east coast girl is determined to create a name for herself, and bring joy to the world.

A graduate of Emerson College (c/o ’13) with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Charvelle moved straight to Los Angeles ┬áto pursue acting. Additionally, after years of modeling as a hobby, she decided to start taking it serious, in hopes that it will act as a gateway in to commercials, TV, and film. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, an avid writer since elementary school she’s been trying her hands at screenwriting and comedy sketch writing (Check out her new “show” on her Instagram, “That’s All She Wrote”).

Charvelle was born in Silver Spring, MD, where she spent the first 9 years of her life, and then moved to Connecticut where she finished primary, middle, and high school. During high school she attended two schools simultaneously, both her local school and the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts where she majored in creative writing, and developed her love for acting. It was at the Academy that she joined Looking In Theater, where she traveled around the state performing scenes based on real life situations that teenagers go through, and then answered questions as her character. The group served as a kind of theater therapy for church groups, half way houses, summer camps, and more.

Upon graduating high school and being accepted in to Emerson College in Boston, she decided to combine her love of writing, public speaking/performance and get a degree in Broadcast Journalism. From 2009-2013 she attended Emerson getting involved with the Emerson Channel and Emerson Sports Network as a host, correspondent, and reporter. She also was a regular DJ on 88.9WERS, and a competitor, and regional champion, with the Speech and Debate team; for which she competed in mostly the performance based portions.

Now she’s in LA, ready to take it by storm, and excited for what the future holds! She’s a curve model, currently signed with BICOASTAL Management, and freelances as a social media manager for Curvy Sense, and copywriter for other fashion brands.


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